Salasar Balaji

salasar balaji
salasar balaji Dham
salasar balaji
salasar balaji dham
salasar balaji


The Temple

The temple of Salasar Balaji was initially a hut. Gradually if was developed in concrete. The great pilgrimage of India. Every desire of devotee is fulfilled by Lord Balaji. More than lacs of devotees reach here every year.

Dhunia of Mohandas ji

The holy fire lit by great devtoee Mohandas ji is still burning. The devotees take holy ashes from here. It's the Balaji temple.

Sri Mohan Mandir

Near Balaji temple. The foot print of Mohandasji and Kanidadi is here. This is Samadhi Sthal of both holy devotees. The continuous Ramayan reading is running for eight years.

Akhand Hari Kirtan

In the temple premises of Lord Balaji. Akhand Hari Kirtan (Chanting of the name of Rama) is continuing for 20 years.

Temple of Anjani Mata

Anjani Mata was mother of Lord Hanuman of Balaji. Her holy temple is situated two kilometers away from Salasar Dham toward Luxmangarh Road.

Gudavadi Shyam temple

This temple is one kilometer away from Salasar.
Two Bullock Cart
Two Bullock Carts of the age of mohan das ji are placed here in Balaji Mandir premises.