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salasar balaji
salasar balaji Dham
salasar balaji
salasar balaji dham
salasar balaji
Balaji Dham

Hanuman Puja Vidhi

Hanuman is a great devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuman is son of Vayu and 11th form of Lord Shiva. Chaitra shukla purnima is the day of incarnation of Hanuman ji. I explain you an easy hanuman puja vidhi which you can do at home.

Things Required for Rama Puja Vidhi

* Chowki – 1 nos.
* Red Cloth – 1 nos.
* Idol or Photo of Lord Hanuman – 1 nos.
* Akshat (raw unbroken rice) – 1 cup.
* Tulsi (basil leaves) – few
* Dhoop stick – 1 nos.
* Deepak (earthen lamp filled with Ghee) – 1 nos.
* Flowers – few
* Chandan (or Ashtgandh/Roli)
* Holy Water
* Naivedya – Gud (Jaggery) and Roasted Chana

Step-by-step Hanuman Puja Vidhi

1. Collect all the above things at the place of Puja
2. Spread red cloth on Chowki nicely.
3. Place photo of Lord Hanuman on Chowki.
4. Now remember Lord Ganesha first and do pranam to him.
5. Light the earthen lamp and dhoop stick.
6. Show earthen lamp and dhoop stick to Lord Ganesha.
7. Pray Hanuman ji to come and receive offerings.
8. Now start Hanuman puja. Do panchopchar with 5 things :
* Show earthen lamp to Hanuman ji.
* Show Dhoop to Hamuman ji.
* Offer flowers to Lord Hanuman.
* Offer sacred water to Hanuman.
* Offer Gud-chana to Hanuman ji as food.
9. Now offer tulsi especially.

10. Apply ashtgandh or chandan tilak on forehead of Hanuman ji. Also affix some akshat (raw rice) on tilak.

11. Now recite Hanuman mantra “ॐ हं हनुमते नमः” (Om Ham Hanumate namah) at least 108 times. Keep meditating on Hanuman ji during the recitation.

12. After completion of recitation, you should offer it to Hanuman ji. Say, “O Hanuman ji! I offer this recitation and puja in your lotus feet. Kindly receive this.”

13. Now do Visarjan according to Hanuman Puja Vidhi: Take some flowers and akshat in right hand. Say, “I am grateful that you came to our place for puja. Please receive these sacred offerings and reside again at your divine place.”

This simple Hanuman Puja Vidhi gives you pure devotion and love in lotus feet of Hanuman ji.

This year Hanuman Jayanti is on 22th April 2016.

I wish you a Very Happy Hanuman Jayanti and hope you can perform Hanuman puja vidhi with great joy at your homes.