Hanuma garhi

salasar balaji
salasar balaji Dham
salasar balaji
salasar balaji dham
salasar balaji

About Hanuman Garhi

Ayodhya, well known for its legendary association with Lord Rama is one of the most holy cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Of all the Holy Places in Ayodhya, Hanuman Garhi is one that has made a place for itself not only in the minds of devotes but also amongst the major Tourist Attractions in Ayodhya. Common tourists frequent Hanuman Garhi in large numbers. It enjoys an advantageous location right in the heart of the city of Ayodhya and is a must visit if you are considering Tours to Ayodhya..

The idol of Salasar Balaji and the legend
* The idol is said to be retrieved by a Jaat farmer from one of the villages of Rajasthan called Ambota. The idol was found by that Jaat farmer in his farm and then forwarded by the Thakur of Asota to Pandit Mohandas Maharaj in Salasar.

*It is a faith here that getting happy with the great bhakti of Shri Mohandas Ji Maharaj, Shri Ram Bhakt Hanuman appeared in the form of this great idol of Shri Balaji from the earth in the village Asota in the year Samwat 1811(1754 AD) Vikrami Shrawan Shukla Navmi Shanivaar. There after constructing the temple of Shri Balaji in the year Samwat 1815 with the help of his disciple Shri Uday Ram and his relatives and giving them the responsibilities of this temple/ mandir took Jeevit Samadhi. Read the complete history/ legend of Salasar Balaji, how the idol of Shri Hanuman got this roop of Salasar Balaji and why Shri Mohan Das Maharaj is considered the foremost devotee of Shri Balaji Maharaj.

Temple Area and construction

The temple area is electrifying almost everyday and experiences crowds beyond normal at festivals. The market is congested with the temple walls joint with other private properties of others. A double lane street runs all the way to the other side of entry passing from in front of the temple with private residence and shops on either side. These shops are mainly, hotels, Prasad and gifts and spices shops. The temple is built in around 3000-4000 square meter area (this is only a visual estimate) which is congested within to accommodate a large pilgrimage. Though the general construction of the Salasar Balaji Temple is done with regular bricks and cement and marble, however within the central area, more and more are, specially the walls and ceiling is getting covered up with embossed silver plates of Shri Hanuman figures. Read about the complete construction and look of the Salasar Balaji temple and the market outside. There are various small temples around this main Lord Hanuman ji Temple however one of the most famous is Lord Hanumanji's mother, Mata Anjana Devi Temple. which is just a kilometer away. If you have your vehicle, go by road.

About the Village Salasar

Salasar is presently situated in Churu, Tehsil Sujangarh, Rajasthan. Earlier Salasar came Bikaner State. Presently Salasar is a heavily visited by pilgrimage from not only the various parts of India, but abroad and thus the developments and the service availability at this destination/ pilgrimage is higher in comparison to close by villages or cities. With the blessings of Lord Balaji one can find 8-10 good hotels plus more than 100 Dharamsalas or Sarai for the pilgrimages. Prasad shops on either sides of the temple with other related items like famous Achaar(pickles), spices from Rajasthan and other gift shops in this area. The place has its water supply through the municipal corporation yet not being adequate to match the high amount of pilgrimage at high seasons, this place also has water supply done by the locals through boring water today. The area has vast open lands which are lush green (opposite to the regular Rajasthan area) where lots of cows and buffaloes can be seen gazing in the fields in the day. There are 8 to 10 good hotels for your pleasant stay and go around the place. However it is advisable that you book them more than a month or 2 before a festival that is celebrated at Salasar Balaji.